Marcel started as, a spray painter, to successfully exiting a Web2Print business. Enabling other Entrepreneurs reach their full potential and 7 digit revenue. Dedicating his time to Blockchain since 2016.

Marcel Füssinger

I see potential where others don't.

This doesn’t mean that I am choosing always the perfect idea, team or target. But if we take a look at Cloudlab AG, drivindu, Gravit, SocialX or ROAS Capital it showed me a lot of things, which I now can execute at Equanimity and as Investhub sponsor. It took me roughly a decade to learn, lose, win, love and find my final destination. It’s Blockchain.

In case you want to read up most of my journey is publicly available at my blog. Or follow me via my LinkedIn or if you are into cycling follow me on STRAVA.

Tech, Design, Sales, Marketing. I wore a lot of hats as a startup founder, I believe this was the best school I could ever attend. To build and be a practitioner and not just talk about it.

  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Rebranding
  • Research & analysis
  • Websites & Intranet
  • Mobile applications
  • Videos & motion design
  • Back & front-end
Marketing & Sales
  • Digital strategies
  • SMO
  • E-mailing

I love to work with like minded entrepreneurs which I do currently at Equanimity & Investhub. If I am not working, I am on the bike.



Marcel Füssinger


15th August 1989

Feldkirch, Austria






Professional experience, such as employment history, role in growing businesses, track record in growing startups.



2005 – 2008 Apprentice spray painter at Liebherr in Nenzing, Austria

The Liebherr Group is a large equipment manufacturer based in Switzerland. It consists of over 130 companies spread into ten divisions: earthmoving, mining, mobile cranes, tower cranes, concrete technology, maritime cranes, aerospace and transportation systems, machine tools and automation systems, domestic appliances, and components. It has a worldwide workforce of over 41,000, with 8.8 billion euros in revenue by 2014. By 2007, it was the world’s largest crane company.

2009 Craftsman spray painter at Liebherr production in Nenzing, Austria

Spraying all kinds of surfaces of each part of the cranes for construction or offshore cranes.


JANUARY 2010 – APRIL 2011
Full-time Employee Web designer & project manager at FotoDesk AG (acquired netservice.cc media AG) in Eschen, Liechtenstein

Redesign of website www.netfoto.cc

Redesign the quality page for Photobook

Implementation of www.fotobuch-ratgeber.cc to www.netfoto.cc

SEO optimization of the websites (keywords, HTML-CSS validation)

Usability improvements

Creation of online campaigns

Newsletter creation with the help of Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash

Creation and implementation of tracking codes (etracker)

Managing newsletters distribution to 150.000 users

Implementation of several online campaigns on all partner websites

Creation of partner’s online shops

Implementation of new partner shops with AXINOM CMS

Maintenance and updates for partner shops

Project Photobook preview

Design and implementation of an online Photobook preview

Designing the B2C generated emails

Social Media integration

Creation of multilingual Demoshop (German, Italian)

Design for magazine/flyers/labels and logos for agency customers of Nexusnet (a branch of netservice.cc)

Project manager for relaunch netprint.cc on HP HIFLEX coordination with Indian branch


APRIL 2011 – MAY 2012 Self-Employed
Creative Director & Partner at xite-media AG in Schaan, Liechtenstein

Consulting services for CEWE COLOR in the area of Web2Print

Web2Print project developing a brand and strategy on how to get into the commercial printing field

Leading 99design contest for bestinprint.eu logo

Lead UI and UX designer for Jamesprint/bestinprint.eu, wireframing, prototyping, competition analysis

Design services

CIS – Security Check Application

Liebherr – apprentice prom design of poster, flyer, entry card and menu plan

Wzzrd Netherlands Gaming Coffee – redesign of website

Enjoy Altach Club – redesign of website

Gossyp – first versions of logo for Gossyp, an online platform for young designers

Pro Finance International (Liechtenstein) – taking care of the whole corporate identity work, business cards, web design, stationery etc.

Barterra – first drafts of branding for project Rheinstein (online coupon portal)

Project Rheinstein – first project draft (competition analyse, feasibility, USP’s)

Trusted Exchange (homeswap.me) – screen design for a home swap portal online

VoiceBo – “Why type when you can talk?” – first screen design for the mobile app, analyse competition

WPV.li – redesign of homepage

DJ Harrycane – complete corporate Identity


MAY 2012 – APRIL 2013 Self-Employed
CEO & Partner at Bridge Interactive AG in Schaan, Liechtenstein

Consulting services for CEWE COLOR in the area of Web2Print

Established MyFood as MVP www.demo.myfood.li

Bestinprint.eu – launched portal for football clubs to easy order a club magazine online, coordination for content like comics, sudokus, jokes and quiz for the club magazines

Bestinmailing – analysed potential of online mailing application and first mockup for visualization

Bundesfachverband für Besonnung – project management of closed webshop for bound in Germany for every tanning shop owner

Ergoline – project management of closed webshop for Ergoline resellers. Ergoline is the market leader in solarium products

Handwerkerfinden.com – project management of closed webshop

Lieferando – technical viability – proof of concept (technical)

Stada AG – technical viability – proof of concept (design)

Design services

Dorn AG – technical project management design to HTML

Wolfbau AG – technical project management Design to HTML

Wilde and Partner – design and technical supervision of online invite application for an invite-only event


DECEMBER 2012 – APRIL 2015 Self-Employed
CEO of Drivindu AG, with the subsidiary of CarPrimp AG in Vaduz, Liechtenstein (currently in restructuring)

CarPrimp® is the leading provider for professional liquid car wrapping services and solutions.

Creation of the branding from scratch – logo, corporate identity, print products

Specification of all requirements regarding selling chemical goods in Europe, with all its laws and hazard notes

Testing of different manufacturers of “liquid wrap” and delivering privately-labelled goods

Acquisition of a partner to be part of our network in Austria, Switzerland and Germany (B2B sales)

Full ecommerce integration with Magento, which scaled from 0 sales to over 250’000 CHF in sales

Integrate partner fulfillment to supply customers with ordered goods

Successfully released newsletter campaigns to over 20.000 subscribers

Technical project management and design lead for the Cardesigner

Acquired Carfrogger GmbH in a sharedeal of Drivindu AG

Support integration with Zendesk with direct integration with JIRA

VOIP Integration with branches in Romania and Europe

Trademark application for IP BOX in Liechtenstein

Project management integration with Wrike


APRIL 2013 – APRIL 2015 Self-Employed
CEO and Partner of CloudLab AG in Vaduz, Liechtenstein (currently 25> employees)

  • Helped the team of CREIOS GmbH in Germany to relocate to Liechtenstein and successfully negotiated for a satisfactory equity split for himself and the partners involved 
  • Closed a EUR 250,000 consulting contract between CEWE COLOR and CloudLab AG to develop the next generation of Web to Print technology application, which is currently actively used by leading print companies world wide 
  • Negotiated the purchase of printQ logo, trademark from CEWE COLOR for CloudLab AG
  • Helped increased yearly revenue from EUR 25,000 revenue to EUR 800,000 in the span of 3 yrs and grew the staff team to 20 in Germany and Romania
  • Exit from CloudLab AG medium with a six figure deal


Creation of branding assets from scratch – logo, corporate identity, print products

Integration of printQ in CEWE COLOR (>500€ million annual sales)

Create advertisement and marketing channels with a specialized brand focusing the web2print field (printQ)

Support integration with Zendesk

Trademark application for IP BOX in Liechtenstein

Design services (screen designs)

Physical mailing to acquire customers in DE AT CH speaking area


MAY 2014 – APRIL 2015 Self-Employed
CEO of Drivindu Deutschland Gmbh (formerly known as Carfrogger Gmbh) subsidiary of drivindu AG in Munich, Germany (currently in restructuring)

Merge IT into existing infrastructure

Takeover support and leads

Exhibition preparation for VISCOM in Düsseldorf, Germany

Car wrapping partner of Deutsche Post for proof of concept “Deutsche Post Autowerbung”

Technical project management and design lead for the car designer to adjust with vinyl car wrapping


APRIL 2015 – AUGUST 2015 Self-Employed
CEO of NewSpaces AG in Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Gravit is the world’s first web-based pixel design tool for beginners and professionals. Design, share and collaborate with anyone from anywhere at anytime on any device.

Merge assets from Quasado GmbH into NewSpaces AG

Established Gravit.io, our first viable product together with the CTO

Established Bridge Loan to seed funding by Hightech Founders Fund (HTGF)

Launched newsletters campaigns

Maintained social media

HR process for core team for establish Gravit as product and brand

Create first versions of the corporate website on wordpress


OCTOBER 2015 – OCTOBER 2019 Club Member  
No Limit Pte. Ltd. – Singapore

Stay hungry, create value. Stop being a “solopreneur”. Become a location-independent entrepreneur with our workplaces and network worldwide. We love to create value, therefore we need top talents to work close with us on our own or external ventures of customers.


JANUARY 2017 – 2019
Co-founder & CEO
SocialX Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Executed a crowdfunding campaign for a Singaporean start-up company that focuses on decentralising social media and giving credit to content creators instead of the big social networks

What is SocialX? SocialX is a blockchain database that supports community building and social interaction with cryptocurrency rewards. SocialX combines concepts from social media with lessons learned from building cryptocurrencies and their communities.

APRIL 2019 – PRESENT Entrepreneur in Residence
ROAS Capital Pte. Ltd., Singapore 

We are ROAS Capital. A borderless, ad tech agency with all sorts of creative humans. We believe in people first, ours & yours.

  1. Scaling startup from low revenues to high revenues over six figures with innovative content creation and huge digital marketing knowledge of combined 8 years.
  2. Ad management of Social media campaigns
  3. Teambuilding from content creators to accountants, project managers and designers
  4. Incorporation in Singapore
  5. Accounting and Admin work

JANUARY 2015 – PRESENT Entrepreneur in Residence
Equanimity AG, Liechtenstein 

Blockchain Project Management in Liechtenstein and Singapore

  • Coordination with local Lawyer in Liechtenstein explain tokenized assets (equity, debt, convertible debt) 
  • Coordinating and onboarding of new clients with Bank Frick in Liechtenstein, communicating the business
  • Writing prospectus together with Lawyer for convertible debt, equity and pure bond financial instruments
  • Coordinating with local consulting firm BDO Liechtenstein the company incorporation alongside setting up cold storage solution with BDO Liechtenstein
  • Coordinating with solidity smart contract developer to establish a equity, bond and convertible debt smart contract based on ERC-20 protocol alongside with sophisticated whitelisting features to comply with european AML and CTF regulation
  • Creating KYC Investor onboarding Software from scratch on React JS and PostgreSQL integration of business logic according to AML levels of Bank Frick and european standards according to FMA Liechtenstein guidance. Complete description of the Software can be read here.
  • Designing corporate identity of Equanimity, enercom.ag, blockchainmaji.com
  • Sprint planning in JIRA for KYC Software and integration of several APIs (video ident, export to world check, wallet and direct bank payment infrastructure
  • Ongoing administration of the prospectus and creating of addendums and extensions of prospectus, answer Questions from local Financial Market Authority
  • Corporate Governance writing board resolutions over to managing accounting and audits
  • Investing in other Startups, Entrepreneurs in the Blockchain area 
  • Coordinating and creative direction of promotion videos of the MAJI and ENERCOM Token with art direction of in house asset creation (illustrations)
  • Research and Development of innovative Distributed Ledger Technology use cases

MAY 2020 – PRESENT Director
Equanimity (Blockchain) Holdings Pte. Ltd., Singapore 

  • Blockchain Project Management in Liechtenstein and Singapore

    Token creator in Liechtenstein since 2020 with extensive knowledge of tokenization of assets e.g equity/debt
  • Established Smart Contracts to merge traditional finance, corporate law and AML with state of the art smart contracts
  • Scaled organically to 4000 KYCed wallets through the technology platform https://investhub.io/ that enabled issuers to legally allocate a total of 66m USDC
  • Reduced the entry barrier for token issuers in terms of time to market and costs; via the usage of our technology platform this facilitated our clients to receive token issuer roles in Liechtenstein
  • Liaised with key auditors and local monetary authority for on-site AML compliance by KPMG and onsite by the regulator itself
  • The technology platform offers up to 80% cost reduction for issuers in terms of legal, compliance, banking, without any upfront costs and scaling as you go



1995 – 2000

Elementary school in Feldkirch, Austria

2000 – 2004

High school in Feldkirch, Austria

2004 – 2005

Youth at work in Bludenz, Austria



  • Startups 83%
  • Google Apps for Business 80%
  • Outsourcing / Agency service 96%
  • Merger and Acquisition 44%
  • Pitching skills 82%
  • Market research 66%
  • Pitchdeck creation 87%
  • Product & business development 70%
  • Adobe InDesign 95%
  • Adobe Photoshop 85%
  • Adobe Illustrator 70%
  • Mailchimp 92%
  • Wireframing/Prototyping 72%
  • WordPress 89%
  • Drupal 89%
  • SEO / SEM / Marketing / Social Media 70%
  • Zendesk 84%
  • Mailgun 33%
  • Salesforce 44%
  • Hubspot 79%
  • Trello 89%
  • Slack 90%
  • Zapier 65%
  • JIRA 70%
  • Wrike 75%
  • Technical Project Management 90%
  • API / XML / SOAP 72%
  • PSD2HTML 89%
  • Web2Print industry 78%
  • Print automatization 65%
  • User Interface / User Experience 75%
  • Print (flyer, business cards, magazines,
    rollups, brochures, vouchers etc.) 87%
  • VOIP 80%
  • Trademarks 70%
  • Magento / Ecommerce 92%
  • Fulfillment services 64%
  • Accounting (GAAP) 64%
  • Tax (Personal, Corporate) 44%
  • HTML/CSS 50%
  • React.js / Javascript 15%
  • HP HIFLEX Software 70%
  • printQ Software 88%
  • Spray painting 88%
  • Car wrapping 30%
  • Exhibitions 54%
  • Sketch App 66%
  • Invisionapp 89%
  • Zeplin.io App 44%
  • Terminal / SFTP / UNIX 60%
  • Trademark / Patent 34%
  • Ethereum Blockchain 57%
  • ERC-20 Protocol 60%
  • ERC-1400 Protocol 28%
  • Distributed Ledger Technology 47%
  • Technical project management 60%
    app development
  • Technical project management 70%
    web app development
  • Technical project management 45%
    distributed app development
  • Technical project management 88%
    complex software development


  • Creativity 95%
  • Social skills 85%
  • Leadership 62%
  • Sales 95%
  • Management 78%
  • Technical 88%
  • Problem solving 60%
  • Dealing with stress 80%


  • Silence, meditation
  • Listen to great audiobooks by entrepreneurs
  • Tasting great value deal meals all over the world in as many cultures as possible
  • Fast cars
  • Luxurious interior design
  • Watches
  • Coffee
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Gym and nutrition
  • Startups
  • Entrepreneurs


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